What are the Top 5 Blockchain TPS Speeds?

The top Supercar manufacturers are all aiming for one thing – the fastest car in the world.

Todays Blockchain infrastructures are fighting a similar battle – striving for the fastest speed in terms of Transactions per second (TPS)!

Paradoxically, the most valuable Blockchains boast some of the slowest TPS rates – Bitcoin 3 TPS, Ethereum 15 TPS, NEO 1,000 TPS and the so-called ‘Ethereum killer’ EOS with only 2,500 TPS.

So what are, in fact, the top 5 Infrastuctures as per recent tests?

  1. Hashgraph (500,000 TPS) – not yet launched
  2. Credits (250,000 TPS) – #157 rank
  3. Tolar (153,000 TPS) – not yet launched
  4. Yggdrash (125,000 TPS) – not yet launched
  5. PChain (123,000 TPS) – #244 rank

However, except for Hashgraph and PChain, the rest have not been hyped nor had Venture Capital backing,  even though they completely outperform Blockchains in the top 50.

Why? Possibly a few reasons.

Technology – does the speed come at the cost of being robust, secure and well-built. A car can hit 200 mph, but will the engine could explode under the stress? Institutional investors want to ensure the quality, security and underlying protocol over speed.

Where it is based – Chinese and Korean projects get the most hype and investment – Quarkchain, Icon, Edenchain, NEO, Ontology, Matrix AI etc. Infrastructures outside of these areas then to get less Institutional interest.

Team – not enough experience professionally, and not impressive enough an academic record or University. Institutional investors normally look for members with previous technical/Blockchain experience at a high level and/or attented Top Computing Universities in certain countries.

What do you think of this battle? Do you think speed is the ultimate metric for an Infrastucture?

Let us know.

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